RayShield® Radiation Protection Eyewear

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RayShield® Dual Protectors X-ray Glasses
An innovation in X-ray Protective Eyewear, our patented design Dual Protector™ provides 4 advantages over conventional X-ray Eyewear.


Here’s How It Works:
The Dual Protector™ X-ray Eyeglass is an improved ergonomic and safety design that creates a single containing eyeglass frame into which two lenses may be placed in front of each eye. This frame design allows a nonprescription Lead Glass lens to be placed in front of an opthalmic plastic lens, thereby placing that lens between the lead glass lens and the eye. This enhances safety by making it less likely that glass could reach the eye as the result of impact. The plastic lens can now serve as the prescription lens. This causes the overall weight of any prescription lens to be up to 70% lighter.

-  0.5 mm lead equivalent lenses
-  0.25 mm solid lead sideshields
-  GlareShield™ Antiglare Lens Coating
-  Accidental Impact Protection
-  Lighter Weight Rx Glasses

Available in 4 colors. Simply add the letter indicating the color you want, to the catalog number for the correct item. "S" for Silver, "B" for Blue, "P" for Patina and "K" for Black.

Cat. #    Description
LG-700    Rayshield® DP Style Non-Rx
LG-701    Rayshield® DP Single Vision Rx
LG-702    Rayshield® DP Bifocals Rx
LG-703    Rayshield® DP Progessive Trifocal Rx

Our unique Patented Design allows us to mount Two lenses Front & Back. They only weigh 70 grams with Rx Lenses.