甲狀腺攝取探頭 Thyroid Uptake System

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Thyroid Uptake System Accessories
DICOM Software,  Well Counter, Lead Shield, Rod Sources, Check Source and Thyroid Uptake Neck Phantom


DICOM Software
The optional DICOM software program integrates the Atomlab 960 Thyroid Uptake System with your hospital management system, streamlining workflows and improving communication. 

Well Counter
Detector is housed with 1” of lead.

Lead ShieldLead Shield
Provides additional 1” of lead shielding.

Rod Sources
To calibrate well type scintillation crystals. Available individually or as a set. 

Check Source
Instrument functionality is easily assessed with a Cs-137 Check Source.

Thyroid Uptake Neck Phantom
Designed to simulate a patient’s neck.