注射器及玻璃瓶用屏蔽 Syringe and Vial Shields

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Vial Shields
An assortment of Biodex vial shields designed to aid in preparations of radiopharmaceuticals while minimizing exposure, ranging from lead glass and tungsten to color coded. 


Tungsten Vial Shield
The Tungsten Vial Shield is designed to greatly reduce exposure to vials containing liquid radioisotopes. 

High Density Lead Glass Vial Shield
  • Lead glass provides clear visibility
  • Accommodates most vials
  • Centering action holds vials securely

Color-Coded Vial ShieldsLead shielding
  • Lead glass window
  • Shields hold most radiopharmaceutical vials
  • Color-coded for easy identification, coordinated with color-coded syringe shields 

Vial Shield
This Vial Shield is designed to aid in preparation of radiopharmaceuticals that require boiling.