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Germanium-68/Gallium-68 generator 鍺-68/鎵-68 孳生器
Germanium-68/Gallium-68 generator (half-life:270 days) provides an excellent source for the positron-emitting radionuclide 68Ga (half-life 68 min). 68Ga is mainly used for radiolabelling peptides which is used chiefly in nuclear medicine oncology for diagnostic applications


GMP produced Gallium 68 generator
GMST supplies iThemba GMP produced Gallium 68 generator. With GMP labeled products customers know that all critical processes are clearly defined and validated to ensure that all Gallium 68 generators are in compliance with specifications.

Manufacture of parent radionuclide (68Ge)
Accelerator , 69Ga(p,2n)68Ge

Column material /packing
Modified tin dioxide in a polyethylene column with polyethylene tubing with no metal parts

Eluting Medium
0.6M HCl (suprapure)

68Ga yield in 5 ml of eluate
not less than 80%

68Ge breakthrough

68Ge/68Ga generators are produced in quantities of:
10 mCi, 20 mCi, 30 mCi, 40 mCi or 50 mCi
[other quantities on request]

Dimensions of generator
Dimensions: diameter 127 mm and height 180 mm
Weight: 26 kg

Fractionated Elution Procedure
Upon receiving the generator, connect the in-line (clearly marked) of the generator to your 5 ml syringe and flush the system with 0.6 M HCl suprapure solution (5-10 ml).
After 4-5 hours, determination of void volume:
Elute the column collecting 0.5ml fractions and measure each fraction for 68Ga.

The fraction's with the highest 68Ga specific activity is generally used for labelling purposes.
After elution's, wash the system with 5 ml suprapure 0.6M HCl. Ensure that both the “in” and “out” lines are filled.
It is highly recommended to elute the generator daily to maintain column integrity over the shelf-life of the generator of 9 months.

Radiation levels of 68Ga generator
An in-house 50 mCi 68Ge/68Ga generator was measured.
The measurements directly against the lead shielding surface of the generator are as follows:
The top of the generator ~25 microSeivert/hr (μSv/h)
The sides of the round generator ~100 microSeivert/hour (μSv/h)
At 1m the measurements are close to background reading (~10 μSv/h)
The generator should fit in the existing lead shielding apparatus used in Labs (as per Russian generator size).