注射器及玻璃瓶用屏蔽 Syringe and Vial Shields

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Syringe Shields Safety and Handling
Carriers and holders for safe handling of syringe shields


Shielded Syringe Holder
This Shielded Syringe Holder will accommodate unshielded syringes and syringes in a syringe shield. The Syringe Holder is constructed of lead shielding, encased in steel. The shielding tapers from .25" - .5" lead. The large diameter base ensures stability. 

Shielded Syringe Carriers
Shielded Syringe Carriers reduce exposure while storing or transporting radioactive material. The overlapping lid design with snap-latch closure prevents streaming. There are two sizes and thicknesses of lead to choose from. The ends of the carriers are double thick to reduce the exposure from the ends of syringes. 

Syringe Shield Holder 
The Syringe Shield Holder offers a means of protecting syringe shields from scratches or misplacement while freeing up extra work space. The Syringe Shield Holder will support up to eight shields and is counterbalanced to prevent tipping.