RayShield® Radiation Protection Eyewear

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RayShield® SportsView Glasses
durable, but handsome and stylish


Sportview™Glasses are manufactured with a rugged metal alloy frame. They're durable, but handsome and stylish. The special adjustable sportband holds these glasses comfortably against the face, eliminating any possible slippage. All models come with our Exclusive RayShield NewMillenia™ Lightweight Composite Lenses that are 0.75mm lead equivalent and our 0.30mm lead equivalent acrylic sideshields.

Cat. #      Description                                                Lead Equiv.
LG-125N      SportsView™ (96 Grams**)                  0.5mm
LG-125ND      as above with anti-reflective lens*    0.5mm
LG-125      SportsView™ (114 Grams**)                   0.75mm
LG-125D      as above with anti-reflective lens*      0.75mm